Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award is for those upcoming Bloggers who have put a lot of effort into their WordPress Blog and really see it as an important part of their lives. This Award shall motivate and push such writers to extend their boundaries and stretch for excellence while enjoying the whole Blogging experience.

When I first joined WordPress, it was for the reason that unlike many other blogging sites, WordPress offers to build a community of like-minded bloggers and I see this award as just another attempt at strengthening that WordPress community I have.

I was nominated by The Geeky Critic for this Award and I shall remain thankful to him because it was him in the first place who encouraged me to start my own blog.

Once, you are nominated, you have to do the following steps to accept the nomination:-

  1. Produce a Post about the Award, just the way I am doing.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Write the history of your blog.
  4. Pen down some advice for the new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 blogs to nominate.
  6. Comment on each nominee’s blog and provide a link to your post about this award.

A Brief History of ‘Being Dave’

‘Being Dave’ is not just a blog for me. It’s the first giant step I took towards my dream of becoming a writer. And this blog continues to show how I still have a long way to go. A huge buildup of thoughts was happening in my mind. With the whole pile stacked in my brain, there was hardly any place left. I had to pen down these thoughts. And then, a friend of mine suggested creating an audience for these thoughts rather than dumping them in an old diary. So, I did that.

I still remember that my first post on this blog ‘Corruption of Human Mind’ was hugely philosophical and barely useful to others but it felt so good to let my thoughts flow. When thoughts turn into words, life becomes easy to live. And then, I followed my second urge which was to review stuff. I started with a film I had just watched although this was an experimental post too. Gradually, I expanded my blogging world by reviewing the most absurd of things like sports matches.

My blog was never going to be about just reviews and hence, I didn’t hesitate in expressing my thoughts more freely. Blogging was never about getting a huge amount of views for me. I was satisfied if even one person read my post. It meant that what I wrote was worth reading. And so, as it can be seen, there is still huge scope for expansion in my WordPress community. I am slowly working on that.

‘Being Dave’ helped me discover myself and hence, I should thank all of you who are contributing to keeping this blog and through it, my dream alive. It’s good to know that my opinion matters.

Some Advice for the New Bloggers

  1. What I have come to realize in the blogging world is that you have to be patient. At certain times, you feel frustrated that your works don’t receive their due credit. But you have to understand that if your works are good, then, with time they will receive what they deserve.
  2. Each blog should reflect a lot about you. Since it is your blog, you can’t let somebody else’s thoughts invade yours. You are the ruler of your world and hence, you should make sure that whatever is written completely agrees with your conscience.

The blogs I chose to nominate

  1. MovieBabble
  2. Transient Thoughts
  3. Soumya Gupta
  4. Searching For Elsewhere
  5. Leslie Lindsay
  6. Poetic Artillery
  7. Daniel Douglas’ Blog
  8. Vaibhaw verma, Poet IIT Delhi
  9. Punk Rock Reviews
  10. Bludgersandbroomsticks
  11. BlueFishh
  12. The Renegade Press
  13. The Insatiable Traveler
  14. Crumbling Moons and Wayward Creeks
  15. Longreads


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